Bolat Akchulakov

President of the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs


Dear Friends!

At the time of establishment of the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs (KazFUCA) in 2009, organization’s management was pursuing a strategic goal to create a nation-wide public association, an entity that would be able to develop club movement in regions and facilitate UNESCO programs’ promotion at high international level. A lot of things have been done over this time. Federation has adopted the right strategy at initial stage of its development, focusing all power and opportunities on acquisition of positive image and conquest of proper recognition in Kazakhstan and abroad. These efforts brought success and gave impetus to the promotion of Club activities in the country.

Our goals were achieved, this can be proven by the fact that KazFUCA has been an active member of The Asian-Pacific Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations since 2010 and has become the part of The World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations in 2011. Since the very beginning in 2005, the first UNESCO Club in Kazakhstan had 65 activists, today We are a Federation of over 2000 active members with 26 Clubs. It’s obviously a remarkable progress!

Since the approval of the Development Program for 2013-2015 in January, 2013, new objectives and major areas of organization’s activities were defined: ‘’Cultural Heritage in teaching youth’’, ‘Intercultural and creative education for youth’’, “Moral education of youth”. Everything we do – we do for the spiritual, moral and patriotic education of the young generation of our country.

Our UNESCO Clubs resonate in the hearts of young people due to the fact that they enable personal realization through creative uniqueness. Involvement in Club activities opens the door to the world of art, and in addition, contributes to the preservation of cultural heritage for younger generation of Kazakhstan.

I tend to think that responsive and socially responsible people can be found everywhere regardless their location, status and employment. Therefore, we will continue to look for and find supporters who are ready to follow and keep up with the main goals and objectives of our Federation.

I deeply believe that each of you will contribute to the promotion of culture of peace, deepening cooperation, building tolerance for a greater understanding of each other and ability to live together.