Goals and objectives

The main mission of Public Association “Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs” is

  • to promote the ideals of UNESCO, first of all, unity, tolerance, goodness, as well as a sense of responsibility for spreading the ideas of peace;

The objectives of KazFUCA activities:

  • to enhance the development of a peaceful society based on the principles of solidarity, through education, science and culture, with the goal of further universal observance of justice, laws, human rights and fundamental freedom of all people to ensure cultural equality without discrimination based on racial, sexual, national, linguistic and religious features;

The subjects of the Association’s activities are:

  • stimulation, planning and evaluation of UNESCO programs in Kazakhstan;
  • facilitating the opening and approval of new Clubs and Regional Representative Offices of the Association in Kazakhstan;
  • support for cooperation between Clubs and Associated Schools of UNESCO;
  • publishing in the field of science culture and education;
  • conducting opinion polls and other studies;
  • conducting educational, training programs and seminars on issues that are part of the range of directions of UNESCO;
  • preparation and implementation of programs for professional, scientific and cultural exchange for children, young people and adults.