On the eve of the International Children’s Day, the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs (KazFUCA) and the North Caspian Operating Company B. V. (NCOC) organized the festival “Path to Success”, aimed at activating the leadership and creative potential of teenagers in the Mangystau region.

The results of the festival were summed up in the regional boarding school “Daryn”. In the festival’s closing ceremony was attended by Deputy akim of Mangistau region Banu Nurgazieva, Director of external relations NCOC Mr. Pierre Delon, Vice-President of the Kazakhstan national Federation of UNESCO clubs Serkan ayazbayev, first Secretary of the Union of artists of Kazakhstan Umirbek of Zhubaniyazov, as well as representatives of the education Department of the Mangistau region. And the participants of the festival were children and young people aged 12 to 17 years.

Addressing the winners of the festival, Banu Nurgazieva stressed that the organizers made the right choice, determining Aktau as the venue for the festival.

– Unique color, diversity of cultural traditions of the peoples are present in Russian dances, Tatar melodies, Kazakh melodies. This is what determined the main task of the festival-competition “Path to Success”: spiritual rapprochement of the younger creative generation through the perception of universal values, cultural heritage and national traditions, ” the deputy akim of the region stressed. The organizers of the festival noted that this event is focused on the study of the unique traditions of folk culture, the education of patriotism and citizenship of the younger generation. The children’s festival is designed to help instill the ideas of ethno-confessional tolerance in children by mass involvement of teenagers in UNESCO programs for self-education, skills development within the framework of a creative meeting with elements of training and training master classes. Within two days, well-known masters of Kazakhstan in the field of fine arts, numerous winners of international creative competitions and professional masters conducted about five master classes and trainings on decorative and applied arts and leadership development for young participants.

After the concert, the winners of the International Festival-Competition “Path to Success”were awarded. Here are the names of the 15 winners: four students of Tupkaragan district – Islam Yeleusizov (13 years, the regional center of additional education “Daryn”), Miras Baltabekov (14 years, school-gymnasium them. J. mynbayeva), Aset Kubigula (12 years, Shakhtinskiy high school) and Dinara Zhaksylykov (13 years, secondary school. E. Omirbayeva); Omir of Hulking (15 years, Beineu, the school of the arts. K. Baktybayeva); two guys from Karakiya district school No. 6 – Nurbek Jarylkasyn (12 years) and Yerbol Koumanov (12); Maral EScout (16 years, Munaily district, Kazlouski Lyceum). Most of the winners are from the city of Aktau. Two from the regional boarding school “Daryn” – Ulbosyn Zholdas (15 years old) and Bakyt Abdibek (16 years old); two from school No. 28 – Meruert Amankeldieva (13 years old) and Madina Serikkalieva (13 years old); Diana Akual (12 years old, art school); Liana Sharifova (13 years old, School No. 1).

Famous guests were happy to share their impressions on the results of the festival. All in one voice said that they are always very sensitive to invitations to children’s festivals and competitions. As always, they are waiting for a meeting with talented children, as with famous artists.

– It is an inexplicable feeling when a talent is revealed before your eyes, a future star is born. And what a joy to pass on to the children and their leaders a piece of their experience, share the secrets of their skills and support the first steps on the way to success, – say the famous guests. Indeed, the musical culture of Mangystau has a rich history and culture, as our region is multi-ethnic. The success, skill and good training of the performers were noted by all the members of the jury. The words of gratitude were addressed to the teachers, who every day, hour after hour, “light up” those stars that will shine in the near future on the cultural horizon of Kazakhstan.
Fifteen finalists of the project “Path to Success” will take part in the UNESCO festival ” Children Draw the World. Central Asia”, which will take place in August 2014 in Astana, and the best works will be included in the final album.

It is worth noting that NCOC’s cooperation with KazFUCA has been going on for more than one year. Thus, with the support of NCOC in 2013, Atyrau regions already had a successful experience of implementing the project “Path to Success” to activate the leadership and creative potential of adolescents. This project is supported by the consortium as part of its sponsorship and charity program. At the same time, NCOC conducts various actions aimed at improving the lives of children from year to year. Last year, the consortium provided sponsorship for the implementation of 71 projects under the SPB program in the Mangystau and Atyrau regions.