UNESCO Club Member Status

What does the status of a UNESCO Club Member give?

UNESCO Club member

– A member of the UNESCO Club can be a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan who has reached the age of 16, who shares the ideals of UNESCO, promotes them in his activities, actively participates in the implementation of cultural, scientific and educational programs of UNESCO, complies with the Charter and regularly pays membership fees.

– Members of UNESCO Clubs can be persons under the age of 16, who in this case must submit a written permission from their parents or legal representatives. Foreign citizens and stateless persons wishing to join the UNESCO Clubs submit an application form for admission to the existing UNESCO club at their permanent or temporary place of residence or study.

– Admission to membership is carried out by the Board of the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs on the basis of a written application from the applicant, recommendations and minutes of the UNESCO Club. The decision is taken by majority vote.

– After a positive decision on admission to the UNESCO Club, newly joined persons are obliged to pay an entrance membership fee, the amount of which is determined by the Federation Board.

– The newly entered member is given a passport of a UNESCO Club member and a badge.


Badge of a member of the UNESCO Club
Passport of a member of the UNESCO Club