# STEAMUPKZ: Competition for schoolchildren and students

If you are 14-20 years old, you are from Kazakhstan, you have a lot of ideas and they can solve the economic, social or environmental problems that we face in life, feel free to participate in the contest #STEAMUPKZ.

What you need to do is:

1.Assemble a team of 6 people. There must be at least 3 girls in the team;
2. Subscribe to caynet2030, unescoclubskz — accounts where tasks and additional information will be posted;
3.Fill out the application form at this link. The last day of application is November 24, 2020;
4.Complete 5 tasks that the organizers will post in caynet2030, unescoclubskz  from November 26 to December 15. Each task is given 3 days to complete.

How will it go?

Assignments will look like mini-projects in which you will be able to reveal and realize their ideas. For each task, points will be awarded, all of them will be summed up, and the winners will be those who score the highest points and enter the top 3.

What are the prizes?

The winners will receive mentoring from UNESCO, which will help you implement your ideas further, and valuable prizes from Chevron.

Who are the organizers?

The organizers of the contest are UNESCO, Chevron Company, Kazakhstan Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Caravan of Knowledge.

Do you have any more questions?

Contact us at: +7 700 394 32 32!