Satpayevs Children’s Art School does not stand still. Every year, the students of the school successfully take part in International and Republican competitions of children’s creativity.

In 2008, for the first time, Satpayev’s young artists took part in the IV regional selection round of the Republican competition “Children paint the world. Kazakhstan ”of the UNESCO project, where they were awarded with diplomas. The works of our children were sent to the Second Republican Competition of Children’s Creativity, dedicated to the World Environment Day “ECOIDEA – 2009”, where they were also awarded with diplomas and prizes. In June 2010, students of the Department of Fine Arts took part in the Children’s Republican Competition “Children Draw the World” held by the ALE “Rada of Ukrainians of Kazakhstan”, where they were awarded diplomas, as well as in the International Children’s Competition-Festival “Children Draw the World. Central Asia ”project by the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs. As part of the program for the preservation of cultural heritage, the orchestra of Kazakh national instruments “Zhiger” took part in the international competition of music and dance, the project of the International Fund “FOMDET” Istanbul, Turkey). And recently the school celebrated its “anniversary” – the first year of the club’s work in the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs (KazFUCA). On Tuesday, February 12, a meeting with Anna Pimenova, the national coordinator for the development of the KazFUCA club movement, took place within the walls of the Children’s Art School. – The Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs in 2012 created a “Leadership School” designed to improve the qualifications of leaders of partner organizations and train young professionals. Also 2013 has been declared the Year of UNESCO Clubs, says Anna Pimenova. – Therefore, the KazFUCA secretariat began trips across the republic to meet with the club’s activists, find out how and how they live, help the secretaries in drawing up and maintaining documentation, organizing the club’s work. And now the guys and I are preparing for the Leaders’ Meeting of UNESCO Clubs, which will be held in April this year in Almaty. Guys, representatives of the clubs will defend their projects, on which they are already working or just starting to implement them. Also during the meeting, there will be a master class for young artists, where they will demonstrate new techniques, drawing techniques, acquaint them with the leading trends in the visual arts. – As far as I understand, each club has its own project, its own theme … – Yes, they themselves determine the project at such meetings as today here in Satpayev, or they already have topics. For example, today we have chosen a project to study our native land – the Ulytau ecological reserve. There the children will hold plein airs, drawing contests dedicated to Ulytau, study flora and fauna, and history. – And what will this “School of Leaders” give them, projects, after all, you set some goals, tasks? – Naturally, we set goals and objectives. Working with the leaders of the clubs – this is support and assistance to the guys with leadership qualities. After all, even if the child is an artist, musician or dancer, he can be a leader. Here one does not interfere with the other, on the contrary, I believe, only complements. Maybe some of them will become the President of the country in the future ?! – Wouldn’t it turn out that the talent to sing, paint or dance will fade into the background for such children? – No, it won’t. This is simply not possible. Have you heard how Tasmagambetov sings, how he plays the guitar ?! His musical abilities do not interfere with his political activities. My opinion is that creativity helps a person to succeed as a leader. A person cannot be talented in one thing, he is talented in everything, only you need to develop it. If a person is fond of some business, he brings it to the end. Take the same artist who did not just paint a picture, but sits for weeks, months and draws every stroke, shadows. Such people are very assiduous, painstaking, meticulous, and this is very important for the Leader, for his development. – What can you say, your first impression of the Satpayev guys? – The guys are wonderful. The only thing I want is for them to take one project and, working on it, become a single team. Since the feeling of team spirit and leadership qualities are manifested only in action. Someone gives ideas, someone can organize all the work, someone theoretically helps, and someone is like those beavers who dig this trench. This is the only way the guys can prove themselves as organizers and performers. And I really want and wish that in the club of the Satpayev art school there is just such a team that will move mountains. Only good luck to them! – And we wish good luck to you and the guys and hope that this project will open up wide horizons for our children for self-expression and growth, both creative skills and leadership qualities, and will also allow young talents to feel confident in their abilities.