Dear friends and participants of the contest “70 years for every child”!


We are happy to share with you the results of the creative marathon in honor of the 70th anniversary of UNICEF!

Applications for participation and work were accepted from June to October 2016, and covered more than 500 children from all regions of Kazakhstan. Without exception, all the works were original and were able to fully convey the emotions and views of young people on the topic of protecting the rights of children. Nevertheless, the winners were determined in three categories of drawings and best video.


Nomination 1: “The rights of the child” – Zhapanov Aybolat, 13 years old, Atyrau;


Nomination 2: “Child-friendly Kazakhstan” – Esbolganova Karlygash, 15 years old, Taraz;


Nomination 3: “UNICEF for Peace for Children” – Valentina Manchenko, 16 years old, Aktobe;


Nomination 4: “Best video” – Diana Gabrilyan, 14 years old, Shymkent.


The Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs sincerely congratulates the winners and finalists of the competition, as well as their leaders, on a bright creative victory!


List of finalists of the contest ” 70 years in the interests of every child»