10 years of the Regional Competition of children’s fine Art “Winter Fantasies”, which is held by the UNESCO Children’s Art School – Club together with the Public Foundation” Ekibastuz Children’s Fund “and the city newspaper”Voice of Ekibastuz”.


This joint project has become a favorite among the students of our city and replenishes the art school with new students every school year. The competition has made friends with the children of the entire region participating in it. .

Over the years, “Winter Fantasy” has grown many times. The first competition was attended only by children from our city, and now the competition has become regional. Its geography is growing, and for several years children from other regions of the Republic have been taking part in the competition. The winners of the” Winter Fantasy ” have repeatedly become children from Karaganda, Shakhtinsk, Petropavlovsk. .

Every year, the participants ‘ works surprise with a variety of fantasy and performance techniques. Watercolors, gouache, acrylics, non-traditional materials are baked on paper and amaze the audience with a riot of colors and imagination.

As a result, in the Junior category was won by the student of a teacher of children’s art school Gulzhan Mikanakawa of Marwar Serikova.

In the middle age group, the first place went to the long-term participant of “Winter Fantasies” Zholaman Serik, a pupil of the teacher of the children’s art school Lyudmila Karpets.

And only in the senior age category did the Ekibastuz team let go of the victory. The prize went to Pavlodar, to the student of the teacher of the secondary school No. 1 Svetlana Rein Anastasia Prokoptsova.

The winner of the main prize – a grant for free training in a children’s art school – was a student of the teacher Olga Astapenko. But the work of last year’s winner Zhenya Yurova was again among the best, and therefore, in order not to violate the long – standing rules of “Winter Fantasies”, “The Voice of Ekibastuz”- the permanent main sponsor of the competition – in honor of the anniversary established a new trophy-the audience award, which was awarded to the fourth-year student of the children’s art school Yevgenia Yurova.