Members of the club responded to the action ” Dove of Peace”

The name of the event: Action ” Dove of Peace”
Date: 21.09.2020
The purpose of the event: Babst oldu

Students of special boarding school for children with visual impairment WKO with the information support of the Kazakhstan national Federation of UNESCO clubs took part in the online competition ” Dove of peace“, organized on 21 September to celebrate International day of peace by UNESCO in Almaty, ” the grammar school №5″. As part of the campaign, they expressed their opinion on the topic of peace and expressed their support for a peaceful, peaceful world.

Every year, the International Day of Peace is celebrated worldwide on September 21. In today’s realities, when the world is going through a difficult time, unity is the key to maintaining peace,cheerfulness and strengthening our bright hopes for a bright future. #lcrcglobe2020

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