The Federation of UNESCO Clubs is pleased to announce the start of a new challenge “My lucky day” the competition among young artists aged 6-12

Federation of UNESCO Clubs announces the launch of a new Challenge «My Lucky Day», in support of the International Festival of children’s creative art Enikki Festa 2021-2022

Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs is pleased to announce the launch of Challenge “My lucky day” – the most creative competition among our young artists aged 6 to 12 years.

If you have a talent and ability to draw, then you have to take part in our Challenge. Attention! The duration of the competition from 13 March – 13 April 2021. 

So the terms of participation are very simple:

  1. To draw a picture of the happiest day of your life, which always brings a smile on your face and warmth in your soul!
  2. Record a short video story, no longer than 1 minute, and then post it on Instagram, type #EnikkiKZ, noting the organizers of the Federation of UNESCO Clubs @unescoclubskz and the official challenge page @EnikkiKZ. We also allow participants to share a video/drawing by filling in the questionnaire and attaching your work to the link below (this is in case the participant for various reasons has difficulty or can`t attach his/her work to the social network): 
  3. Awards: The most unusual and original participants will not be ignored, winners will receive valuable and memorable prizes from organizers, and the chance to participate in Enikki Festa 2021-2022. Don’t miss your chance!