«Dad, mom and me is a sports family»

The name of the event: “Dad, mom and me is a sports family”

Date: 08.09.2020

The purpose of the event: promotion of a healthy lifestyle, introducing the family to physical education and sports, creating a festive mood for children and their parents

The specifics of our school is to develop the educational system, it involves the participation of parents in all collective creative Affairs of the school and the individual classroom in particular, and cooperation with teachers.

There is no doubt that a teacher should know his students. The task of the school today is to ensure the development of each student, creating the necessary conditions for this. To educate a person, it is necessary to know him in all respects-this is an axiom of pedagogy.

Parents and teachers are two of the most powerful forces in the process of becoming the personality of each person, the role of which cannot be exaggerated. Both sides have their own advantages, their own advantages, their own specifics, and they should not be opposed. But modern parents are pupils of our national school, they bear its birthmarks, its advantages and disadvantages. How I want to make parents real and sincere helpers! After all, the attitude of parents to school also depends on the attitude of their children to it!

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