Charity event under the auspices of UNESCO “Start the year with good”

Share the good and it will come back to you!

Charity event " Start the year with good»

We encourage you, dear friend, to start the year with good deeds! So, for example, the Kazakhstan national Federation of UNESCO Clubs have launched a charity campaign #startyearwithgood.

The mission of the UNESCO Clubs is to directly participate in the development of the young generation of our country, solve social issues, adhere to the ideas of charity, morality, and constantly strive to lend a helping hand to people in need. Every year we hold interesting master classes on the development of creative potential for children in need of mutual assistance, this time we went to visit the Public Foundation “Bereke”.

At the master class, the children learned the technique of felting from wool, which was taught to them by masters, the best specialists-teachers of the Boarding School, college of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov. The participants of the master class in decorative and applied arts carefully made apples themselves and symbolically hung them on a tree, as a consonant symbol of unity and well-being.