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Поздравить педагогов с Международным женским днем

Цель конференции: обсуждение и обмен творческим опытом в области музыкального образования, сохранении лучших традиций и наследия педагогов Карагандинской области.

Awarding of contest participants The name of the event: “Children draw the world” Date: 18.12.2019 The purpose of the event: To develop children to see only the good in the world For 20 years now, the project has been successfully developing and has grown into a real movement in children’s creativity. In February of this …

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Organization of leisure activities for children and teenagers during the winter holidays

Enhancing youth development efforts and examines how evidence-based youth policies can help accelerate youth-related objectives.

Develop children’s creative and musical abilities

The importance of preserving the planet’s natural resources

Instill love for the world around you

Summing up the results of the Republican youth eco-marathon ” My ECO-trail”

Formation of a tolerant attitude to the spiritual and aesthetic values of various ethnic groups and popularization of original national cultures.