175th anniversary of the Great Abay

Name of event: the Festival of creativity of Abay

Date: 15.08.2020

The purpose of the event: Instilling cultural values


In August 2020, on the basis of the Association of Children’s and Youth Clubs, an ON-LINE Festival of Abai’s Creativity was launched, timed to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the birth of the great poet, composer, and thinker.

The festival was held with the support of the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs, the regional representation of UNESCO Clubs in the East Kazakhstan region.

Instagram, Facebook, Zoom, and other Internet platforms were launched by students of children’s and youth clubs together with teachers and parents: an interactive cruise on the life and work of the poet, a Poetry Challenge, and an Art space on the work of Abay.

At the end of the event was edited, the video, which is presented in social networks Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte, Telegram.

Link to report video